Malachite Stones

Protecting, Cleansing, Supporting

*Unpolished Malachite is toxic

Malachite is a protecting stone that absorbs negative energies and toxins from the body and atmosphere. It blocks out radiation and removes electromagnetic pollutants. Malachite is a good stone to keep in kitchens near microwaves and in living rooms near televisions. It also works well in the workplace as it protects against harmful rays from computers and negative phone calls and emails. Because of Malachite’s absorbing qualities it also helps with removing the pain and bad memories of areas having to do with emotional trauma.

Malachite can help one overcome fears of flying and help with jet lag. Being a stone of protection it is used commonly amongst airline workers and miners for protection against accidents and also to stimulate clear thinking.

Known for certain healing properties and the strengthening of the immune system; Malachite is often used as a remedy for menstrual cramps and easing labor pains. The stone brings relief and support to those suffering from cold sweats, high blood pressure, asthma, rheumatic pain, malaria, and Parkinson’s. Malachite can help with short term memory loss especially when it comes to remembering names.

Spiritual growth, emotional strength, and overcoming shyness are all part of the transformative qualities of the Malachite stone. It is a good stone to give to someone who has suffered from emotional abuse, depression, and anxiety throughout their childhood as it encourages healthy relationships and overcoming fear of confrontation. It encourages empathy, supportive relationships, and helps with allowing us to be ourselves in any environment. Wearing malachite can help with breaking habits and help us work on our emotional weaknesses.

When used in meditation, Malachite is typically used with the heart chakra as it helps with resolving blockages and re-balancement. But can also be used on the Thrid Eye to activate visualization and psychic vision, and on the solar plexus to help with emotional healing and letting go of past negative experiences.


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