Abalone Shell

Cooperative, Healing, and Intuition

Abalone is a naturally iridescent shell with a whiteish background. It is often dyed various colors so that it might be green with iridescence or another color.

Abalone is used usually for calming emotional situations and enhancing cooperation. It is known to enhance the imagination and the third eye to stimulate psychic development. Within the realm of crystal healing it is believed that abalone can be used to relieve pain and issues relating to: arthritis, muscle and joint issues, digestion, and the heart.


Shown in: Abalone Marjorie Mirror, Cuff Link Hardware Pull, Silvio Mirror, Silvio Console Table, Silvio ChandelierRectangular Cufflink Hardware Pull, Square Cufflink Hardware Pull,  Corfu ’75 Chandelier, Pink Abalone Marjorie Mirror