The Art of Creation

After 23 years of sourcing semi-precious materials throughout the world, Marjorie has established strong relationships with stone brokers on several continents.  She has travelled to China, India, Mexico, The Philippines and Europe, as well as throughout the United States, in search of the available natural materials and understand how she might incorporate them into her design and product work.  This has allowed Marjorie to carve out a niche which provides products that are unique, each one a piece of art, incorporating stones from around the world and supporting the artisans who fabricate them in several countries to create your bespoke piece.  The stones for each piece are commissioned at the time that you place your order, each bead made to order by hand, each slice carefully selected to complement your hand made to order piece. 

We have worked with our Iron lighting and furniture frame makers for over 20 years now, creating over a thousand pieces together, and they in turn have been in business for over 40 years.  They are supremely creative, and work beautifully to craft each individual piece with us to our, and your, specifications.  For our Mirrors, we support local artisans near our ranch in the northern Yucatan to make the frames, using sustainable woods, which are hand painted before being dressed in the semi-precious stones that you have chosen, and hand finished in our studio on our ranch, Quinta Kookix.

We are always delighted to work with our clients to create never before seen pieces, and sourcing new materials.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss the myriad of possibilities.

Marjorie at the Stoneyard in Southern China
Raw Materials
Raw Rose Quartz
Raw Turquoise
Raw Agate
Raw Amethyst
Raw Lapis Lazuli
Raw Turquoise
Bead Shaping
Rose Quartz Beads
Bead Maker Scaled
Bead Polishing
Raw Bead Material
Titi Hands and Feet
Titi on the Table
Carved Man Arms
Gold Leaf Titi on Table
New Wave MIrror