Marjorie’s Mexico

I am, and have been for some 45 years, endlessly inspired by Mexico. Mexico is a country steeped in magic, and this atmosphere coincides peacefully with the modern aspects of its landscape, society and art, which makes for a surrealist experience. While I was originally struck mainly by the stunning physical beauty of the place, as I came to know it better, and study it – I have a B.A. in Art History from UCLA with a focus on Pre Columbian Art – I gained a deeper and broader love and respect for the art and the people. It is the country of my soul, where I am happiest and the most at peace.

I am also at my most creative and imaginative here, inspired on a daily basis by so many things, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Not a day passes that I do not see something new. While my interests are many, I seem to have been inadvertently drawn to the textile traditions, both old and new, in terms of inspiration and collecting.

The combination of vibrant colors and traditional techniques infused with modern art is thrilling to me, and my collection of clothing speaks strongly of these ideas.

I am also an ardent fan of Mexican music, art and architecture of all periods and styles.  Mexican films and music of the Golden Era are a great source of inspiration for me.  I would say, however, that it is truly the surrealist aspect which is accepted as part of everyday life that most holds me in thrall.

This quote by Andre Breton sums it up nicely:

“Mexico, half-awake of its mythological past keeps evolving under the protection of Xochipilli, God of the flowers and lyric poetry, and Coatlicue, Goddess of the Earth and of the violent death (…) This power of conciliation of life and death is without a doubt the principal attractive that Mexico offers. This keeps an open record of endless sensations, from the most benign to the most insidious”.

I share with you some of the thousands of images that I have taken over many years which have provided me with inspiration.  I hope to have the opportunity to continue my travels until I have exhausted either the country or myself.