Amazonite Raw

Truth, Focus, and Balance

Amazonite is a stone of courage and truth. It empowers one to seek self discovery and integrity. It encourages self discipline and helps with understanding one’s beliefs and values. Amazonite relates most to the heart and throat chakras in which it enhances love and communication and awakens compassion. It allows one to understand both sides of a problem and accept different views.

One major benefit Amazonite is it allows one to convey their true feelings without overwhelming them emotionally. It helps with keeping one calm, cool, and collected. Amazonite is wonderful when it comes to disagreements and arguments. It brings the  patience and understanding that is needed when trying to see two sides of the argument.

Amazonite is also known as a support and filter stone that can help with overcoming loneliness  or a support in marriage that will bring more happiness. It can also be placed in the kitchen or around cell phones to protect against electromagnetic pollution. In the work place the stone will dissolve negative energy and aggression and protect against people trying to take advantage or manipulate. The stone encourages tidiness and organization. Amazonite can be used as a good luck stone for competitions, games of chance, and even finance.

Amazonite is great for maintaining good mental and physical health because it aids in cell regeneration. It is known to relieve muscle spasms, disorders pertaining to the nervous system, as well as issues of the throat and thyroid gland. For mental health it soothes trauma and calms those who suffer from worry and fear, it helps with anger and aggression as it promotes emotional balance.