Marjorie Skouras “Titi Goes to the Tropics” Chair


The new version of Marjorie’s iconic “Titi” Chair, which has been delighting her fans for 8 years, is in honor of the fantastic wealth of artists in resources she has been able to access in her new city of Merida in the Mexican state of the Yucatan. The skill of the “Ebanistas”, or carvers, in Mexico is a tradition that dates back millennia, to the time during which the Maya empire was creating its mythic cities. The “Titi Goes to the Tropics” is hand carved from sustainable tropical hardwood by one of the several artisans with whom Marjorie work’s closely. She is a display of the childish wonder which Marjorie has recaptured in her personal life voyage, another part of living in her life’s dream…


26ʺW × 26ʺD × 36ʺH