Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Compassion, Peace, Tenderness and Healing


Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart. The crystal of unconditional love holds a feminine energy full of tenderness, compassion, and comfort. Rose Quartz speaks to the heart charka and helps with dissolving fear, resentment, and emotional wounds.

The rosy crystal  is also known as a mothering stone promotes bonding; wonderful during pregnancy use the stone by placing the stone on the stomach and having it near during birth as it provides comfort. It can help with the grieving process after losing ones own mother. The crystal was actually wonderful to use when going through a trauma and crisis as if provides comfort during grief and helps with accepting change. Because of it’s comforting properties, rose quarts is commonly used as a sleep crystal. Often used to help children confront their fears of dark as well as prevent night terrors and instead inspire beautiful dreams. The stone can be used as protection against gossip.

Most known for it’s assistance within the world of love, rose quartz has been used to strengthen romantic relationships by restoring trust and encouraging unconditional love. The stone stimulates a sensual imagination and works as a powerful aphrodisiac.




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