Logic, Rationality, and Efficiency

Sodalite stimulates thought and communication. It is known as the “Poet’s Stone” because it encourages logic, truth, rationality, and efficiency. It can be used in the workplace for teamwork as it aids with communication and facilitating arguments. Sodalite can be used to assist relationships of love with emotional honesty. Sodalite can be used when learning as it increases knowledge and intelligence. The stone also can assist with uniting the logical with the spiritual.

Sodalite has be known to assist with issues pertaining to the lymph nodes, digestive system, diabetes, insomnia, and calcium deficiency. It also provides relief to head colds.

Sodalite is used in meditation for the Third Eye and throat chakras because of it’s ability to aid with communication and unit the logical with the spiritual.


Shown in: The Ming Pendant, Buddha Bar Sconce, Buddha Bar Pendant, Toby Sodalite Side Table, Sodalite Cufflink Pulls